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Healthy Bodhi

As we grow and learn each day, I see the sometimes small and insignificant details that really make a difference.

This was in a name, of which I had always loved, but wasn't quite sure about. It was healthy ambition... My business name, which for me meant great growth and following your dreams. For others ambition can be a negative connotation, and I get that now. In yoga we practice non-striving. Not being attached to a goal. When we are attached to the end result we find happiness if we achieve it. But what if we don't?

Practicing non-striving means that we are happy with our everyday routine, no matter the outcome. I still have dreams and goals! Though now it is not about reaching that goal, It's about having fun on the journey there and being flexible if the story changes as we approach the destination. This concept has always been my belief, yet the name ambition had the striving qualities to it. The vibration to the word was not sitting comfortably for me, because after all- we are all little particles vibrating together in space to create this body.

Healthy Bodhi (sounded as boh-di) still has my intentions of bringing health and love to the community, though the translation of the Sanskrit name bodhi, means to Awaken or enlighten. It is the true nature of things, and deep down we All have the knowledge of health yet somewhere we have forgotten it?

So in this name comes the intention to awaken the knowledge that we all have inside, but are yet to discover the ways to unlock them. If you are aware of your health and body, being mindful of your everyday actions, your life will change. This is only the surface.

If you search a little deeper to the subtle energies around you, you can detect discomfort before it reaches the physical. When you are on your path of enlightenment you will feel/ listen what your body needs, your health improves, It flows.

We all have endless possibilities of health, love and abundance and my service to you is to guide you to unlock your true potential, through movement, massage and meditation.

You'll be surprised what you will find out about your beautiful self!

Much love & Light


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