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Every body finds motivation from different sources. Peers, Loved ones, Quotes and Yourself.

Now while social media has quotes plastered all over the internet, I could not go past this one.

The picture of love and colour and the simplicity of the words, inspired me to write a blog about it!

Motivation is what drives you, and once you have achieved your goal, the motivation needs drive once again, and may not be where you found it previously. This can set people in a spin, a downwards spiral thinking that you've taken a step backward. Yet sometimes in your journey, these are times for contemplation and reflection of your new place (mindset, physical, achievement ) that you have accomplished.

I find goal setting very important. If you reach for nothing you will go nowhere. Most people have goals of where they see themselves in 5, 10 years etc. With a new house, kids, partner or a trip somewhere. I find setting immediate goals like physical challenges excite me and keep me motivated to keep up the regular training, but as for long term goals, Ive always struggled with answering.

For my long term goals are more about how I feel rather than where I am or what I have.

Life is a constant change, and Im used to change in all aspects of life. Letting things come and go in your life is very healthy, and through it all I've strived to keep my goal of how I feel. If it does not serve me, or give me happiness, I work to change the feeling around it. That means that I personally may need to see the situation from another perspective, or move on to where my happiness is.

So coming back to the beautiful quote~

I now find motivation comes from deep inside myself, searching for this yearning for happiness (which I feel and practice every day).

Everything you need, your courage, strength, compassion and love; Everything you need is already within you.

With learning about myself I have found that our consciousness/ our ego mind hides a lot about what we 'want'. Others ideas or concepts of who we should be, where or what we should be doing with our lives has a huge role as well. When we stop and listen to our inner voice, our true self, we can find out many amazing thing about ourselves!

Our bodies are a production of all of our ancestors before us. We carry the DNA of every-person that was before us. Your parents information, their parents and the huge family tree beyond your knowing. In every cell in our body we have that information potential, that if we listen, we can hear and feel it!

It is mind boggling, and this is only the physical aspect of ourselves.

Even with just this aspect of ourselves, we can search ourselves and find that everything we need is already within us.

This practice of listening to ourselves usually starts with meditation, or slowing down the fast pace of life. Sitting and watching the beach flow, or the tree sway above in the wind. Quieting your mind has the opportunity for your true self to be heard.

Sometimes it may come to you as an idea, or seeing someone else and feeling the complete joy within your own heart. Without judgement or envy. Your true self knows no hatred- This is when your ego/mind takes over.

So love yourself and let your beautiful self guide you to your purpose, to your happiness!

If you want to learn more about how to listen to yourself, love yourself or have more to discuss on the subject, please contact me. This subject makes my heart swell 100 times bigger!

Much Love and Gratitude

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