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What Is YOUR Healthy Ambition?

Welcome to Healthy Ambition

This is the start of something great in yourself! The fact that you have consciously chosen to take this step for yourself, it has boundless opportunities for greatness, You have given yourself the gift of love to yourself. So I applaud you for taking the 1st step.

A Healthy Ambition can be very small, the choice to stop using chemicals on your skin perhaps. Because small choices have Big impacts on our lives. One day I decided to try Avocado, It was daunting at the time! And now I choose to replace butter for avocado, and use it as dips, dressings and even moose. These small changes have made a world of differences in my eating habits.

It can be something big. Living with out pain is a choice, and it can be achieved if your willing to make changes in your life. Pain can be emotional or physical, but the manifestation of pain is something you can shift with the right tools. I fractured my coccyx when I was twelve. It was painful! The Doctor told me that in 6 weeks the bone will be healed, yet the pain continued and so did I being a young flexible girl. The pain would increase and decrease with exercises and physio/chrio treatment. It wasn't until I started my training that I realised my own potential for healing. I had a bad day in class and my lecturer did craniosacral and massage to release the embarrassment in my muscle, that I was holding on to for all those years, from falling backwards in front of my peers. The pain was a thing of the past and I did indeed have a light bulb moment.

My biggest challenge I set for my body this year (2016-17), was to complete the tri series, which was a series of 5 triathlons, 2years after having my 3 children. Not only has this been a physical challenge but a mental, emotional and juggling act to fit all aspects in my life with the new physical training load.

If you aim for nothing you will go nowhere. If you aim for the stars, even if you don't reach them you will have a great time on the moon. Without challenging myself to better myself, I will never know my full potential, and we all have Amazing potential ~I promise you.

So I want You to think about where you want to be in your life? Do you need freedom, focus, strength, wellness, balance,stress management, flexibility or agility?

Change is always happening in our life, nothing is stagnant. If your not happy with how your mind body or spirit is feeling today. Thats ok because tomorrow is a new day and you can become something new with every passing day.

Today is the day! Lets make a Healthy Ambition.

Much love and Gratitude,


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