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Remedial Massage, Energy work, Health coach, Meditation & Yoga.

I offer a variety of services, as I work with different modalities to align your life force and keep your body and spirit in balance. I utilize an integrative and holistic approach through remedial massage with an emphasis on identifying and addressing current stressors, exploring past experiences and developing new positive life changes so you can find balance in your body, mind and soul. I work with pure love and light.

Body~ Remedial massage is a great way to understand your body and why certain things are in pain and make you aware of body postures and tightness that you weren't aware of. Yoga is a self dedicated practice where you can learn so much about yourself and how you move that creates strength and ease into your daily life. I take many different classes in different locations. See below, for a place and time that suits you.

Mind~ Meditation & mindfulness is an easy and beautiful way of being, yet we get caught up in everyday life. We can practice and find individual methods to assist in your mindfulness journey in group classes or individual sessions.

Soul~ To understand and listen to yourself at the soul level is important but how do we get there? Coming back to your heart and navigating life through there is the best way, always with love and light. It is an individual journey that starts with private sessions, and then in a group to share your experiences, since many others are also discovering who they really are on the soul level. 

  • Remedial massage is covered by most health funds and I have provider numbers for your rebate.

  • Eftpos is also available for your convenience.



Joondalup WA 6027, Australia

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