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We are all energy and we are all connected. Sometimes we forget to go with the flow and who we are in the process. In this session we work together to re awaken your senses to your own energy and shift any blockages on the way.

I have been working with the Reiki energy for 20 years and through Remedial massage we were taught many other methods of energy to shift physical blockages.

The energies available now are much different from 20 years ago, making it much easier for everybody to connect with and 'healing' more possible.

With Multidimensional frequency Technique we can access whatever you need to shift to a higher vibration.

This service also includes The Inner Heart journey support and spiritual journey support. 


Transcendance, or spiritual surgery~ Is a channelled technique (though not a new technique) And requires your full participation over the week between the sessions. 

It is a transformation as you embark in finding your true potential.


Mobile service also available   


For more information about Healthy Ambition - our program, activities, staff and more, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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