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Meditation is ultimately about finding your still point. How we go about to get there can be different for everyone.

Find a class that suits you or book a private session to search your own mind to stillness. We can work together to find which style of meditation works best for you.

Below are some samples of meditations that I use regularly, which i have share to help you start your own meditation journey.

Meditation: Services

Heart Star Meditation

This meditation is one that I do Almost everyday, sometimes many times a day if I'm feeling challenged.

We look after our physical, we look after our car with regular services and fuel; but when was the last time you checked into how your energy felt?

This meditation becomes easier with regular practice, as you tune into you personal field.


Learn how Crystals and EssentialOils can assist you with a 'how to use video' and guided meditation. 
Become your own healer


Create a flow in your life

This set will teach you how to use crystals in everyday life to assist yourself into abundance, with the 'how to use' video.

With 9 crystals and a blend of Abundance essential oil, your vibration will be set to create and easy flow.

With an additional guided meditation (link attached with purchase) you will have all the tools to transform yourself to easily allow the flow of abundance.

Crystals will vary from the picture as each crystal is unique, like you.



Clear your space, life & objects of negativity to make space for your dreams.

This set is designed to cleanse out negative energy and set and hold positive energy in what ever you choose. The meditation is designed for a home cleansing.

Comes with a Essential oil spray, Perth grown Sage stick, Selenite wand and Amethyst cluster. A 'how to use' video and Guided Meditation.

Crystals will vary from picture as each crystal is unique, like you.

Buddha Statue

"We can't change everything in our life but we can change our reaction"


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I’ve been a Remedial Massage Therapist since 2003. Every day, I asist to both educate and heal my patients, empowering them to live better and healthier lives.
Together we work on your Healthy Bodhi through body work, overall health, including diet, stress management, exercise, strength, balance or whatever it is to reach your goals.
Im here to assist you in your new healthy lifestyle. 
Remedial massage can include one or all of the following,
Deep tissue, dry needling, cranio sacral therapy, myofacial release, trigger point, trager, sports massage, manual lymph drainage (MLD), reflexology, reiki, Essential oils, crystal energy, meditation techniques.

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